Fishing Reports November 2014

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34 1 Kingfish (Yellowtail) 1000 Fifth Street Disclaimer: We are not liable for any financial loss, lost data, missed customers, loss of search engine rankings, undelivered email or any other damages that you may incur due to the expiration of For further information please refer to section 12.b.7a of our User Agreement. This is your final notification to renew In the event that you allow to expire, the listing will be automatically deleted from our servers within 3 business days. After expiration, we reserve the right to offer your web listing to competing businesses or interested parties in the same category and state/region after 3 business days on an auction basis. This is the final notification that we are required to transmit for the expiration of Secure Online Payment: All services will be restored automatically on if payment is received in full on time before expiration. We thank you for your cooperation.
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29 mad catch Kingfish (Yellowtail) -35.46066995149529, 148.359375
28 Mahi Mahi Fishing New Caledonia -20.93923, 165.34413289 The Mahi Mahi is one of my favourite fish because he start to jump in the sky directly when he is feeling your hook ! I had a very good fun so enjoy this video and share it please ! Have a good day
27 Tubes Jervis Bay -35.087994059134665, 150.79856514930725
26 Baja Lures SALSEROS con Bob Beauchamp 9.159044134320576, -83.85177612304688 SALSEROS con Bob Beauchamp
25 On Popping great attack by Monsters GT 4.4166667, 73.5
23 Gerard Frothy de Silva 33.475410781476555, -117.73859024047852 Adrian had a good day on the Hard Play II yesterday. This Wahoo was the biggest fish of the day but he load with Kings and Kudas.
22 Roberto Marquez - OCT 2014 22.858381059404785, -109.91254806518555 Great Catch
20 Fishing was hard but that's the way I like it !! -33.87469135792661, 18.374290466308594
19 snapper Snapper -41.27006559372386, 174.8638916015625
18 Nice Darado @ Costa del Sol El Salvador 1656 Black Bart lure is 46 miles south of the mouth 13.119604924382593, -88.39599609375 Nice Darado @ Costa del Sol El Salvador 1656 Black Bart lure is 46 miles south of the mouth
17 GT's 25kg POPPING Bluecaledonia charter FISHING NEW CALEDONIA -20.9392342, 165.34413289999998
16 Los Suenos, CR - Sailfish on the Sea Fly. 9.6569084, -84.66098979999998
15 Tony Ludovico #1 Underwater pothographer. 8.5431495, -83.14747829999999 Costa rica, zancudo Lodge SportFishing
09 No Bonnies at Bass point -34.59292588406223, 150.89807510375977 Should be firing soon
08 Stripers 36.9315359,-76.0199314 Although air temperatures are down right chilly lately, the water temperatures along the oceanfront are hovering in the forties, just right for striped bass retention. And leaving seems to be the last thing these fish intend to do. With plenty of bait in the area, decent sized stripers continue to hold within reach all along the Mid Atlantic coast. Cape Henry, Sandbridge, False Cape, and the Carolina state line were the hotspots this week with diving birds and large pods of bait keeping anglers on top of the fish.
07 snapper2 Snapper 36.77467902066468, -123.1787109375 snap
06 King fish 10-10-14 Kingfish (Yellowtail) -28.57483385677724, 153.89373779296875 exciting catch it was :)
05 snapper Snapper -34.29799273612491, 151.007080078125 Heaps of small snapper
04 tailor Tailor sydney tailor
03 Nice Tailor Tailor -33.779908116436474, 151.86968989670277 Beauty
02 Big King - 12mile Kingfish (Yellowtail) -33.82728919737253, 151.3094186782837 Plenty of Hoodlums
01 Big Snapper - test Snapper -34.779908116436471, 151.86968989670271 some description goes here

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